Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Watch "She Was Pretty" with Siwon

Not only through the story more exciting, drama "She Was Pretty" also had another way to indulge his fans. This time the production team opened the opportunity for fans in South Korea in order to watch together impressions "She Was Pretty" with cast their idol.

"She Was Pretty" held a quiz that will elect 200 people to watch together alongside Super Junior's Choi Siwon actor Kim Shin Hyuk. The most surprising thing is the quota of participants provided by the committee directly filled in just two minutes after registration opened. It really makes the production of disbelief.

"The show was shut down within two minutes," the committee said in a homepage "She Was Pretty". "Because of this event, I now could only feel how popular this drama."
The quiz winner will be announced by the committee through the official website "She Was Pretty". Two hundred lucky fans who will later be watching with "She Was Pretty" with Siwon on Wednesday, November 4th at Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul, South Korea at 22:00 local time. Do you also want to watch together Siwon?

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