Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cheese in the Trap "Drama"

Jung unmistakably knows it's Min-soo however keeps running up to her and slings an arm around her, faking shock when he sees that it's not Seol. He brings up the lion appeal and calls it adorable, and inquires as to whether she and her sweetheart each have one. Ohhh, I see what you're doing there.

He says that their colleagues have said that she has a sweetheart, and she feebly answers that she does. Jung abruptly turns frosty and comes to over to touch a lock of her hair as he says, "Regardless of the amount you imitate and battle to attempt, you can't turn into the same. Haven't you officially acknowledged it as well?" She stammers as she asks what he implies, yet he just says she's not all that stupid that she doesn't comprehend, and leaves. Alright, he's startling when he does that. 

Min-soo is stunned at first and marvels if this is the same Jung sunbae she knows. Yet, then she flashes back to him proposing that she take a gander at those past presentations for their gathering venture, and thinks about now whether he set her up intentionally. Gracious he unquestionably did. In any case, then she makes the jump this is all Seol's doing, and that she's notwithstanding utilizing her beau to stick it to Min-soo. Awesome. Joon at long last figures out how to pull Seol off, and Min-soo is as yet playing the casualty and acting like Seol won't allow her to sit unbothered. Seol shouts right back that Min-soo is the person who needs to make tracks in an opposite direction from her, not the a different way. At the point when Seol lays out every one of the things she's done, Min-soo at last surrenders and cries, "All that I need, you have! Grades, companions, even a sweetheart!"

Seol: "I don't know why you're stating that, however reviews, companions… " She delays considering Jung yet doesn't say the beau part resoundingly, then proceeds with, "There's not a solitary thing I earned effectively." She says that Min-soo didn't used to be similar to this, and inquires as to why she changed.

Min-soo cries that she was nothing before and she'll never backpedal to that. She flashes back to individuals in their area of expertise continually asking who she is and not recollecting that her, similar to she was undetectable. Seol asks, "Would you say you are more satisfied at this point? Individuals will recall that you as Liar Sohn Min-soo. Are you more satisfied now?" Min-soo at last separates in cries Cheese in the Trap.

Thereafter, Seol inquires as to whether he called Joon here, and he says he's been patient and keeping down, however he supposes it's better along these lines. He knows the amount Min-soo has been pestering her, and says that individuals who play the casualty and need what others have will dependably wind up that way—losing what they have trying to pick up what isn't theirs.

Seol moans and ponders internally that Jung has been encompassed by individuals such as this his entire life, when only one Min-soo is sufficient to make her this irate. Jung says he won't surge her, and that in the event that she can comprehend him and come somewhat closer, he can hold up.

Seol asks, "So you simply stop and I go closer? Does that settle everything?" He says that he thought they were similar at to begin with, however concedes, "Now I know we're pretty much as various as well." He says he's attempting, to alter why she's baffled with him and why she can't approach. He puts a sack of pharmaceutical in her grasp for the injury all over, and plays with her hair tenderly preceding pulling back. A tear escapes from Seol, yet she doesn't let out the slightest peep as he lea

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